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On-site Internship Program including Licensing & Registration Services (Platinum Program)  


Applicants interested in entering the world currencies & commodities trading, gaining on the job experience and becoming properly CFTC-registered (i.e. US. licensed) Commodity Futures & Options and Forex Traders, Brokers and/or Asset Managers enter this program. Applicants do not need to be Business or Finance majors! They can be, but it is not a Must! To take advantage of this Program participants come to Broker Junction’s office location in the Financial District of NY (across from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York). This service opens doors to banking and finance companies: 

Study for Series 3 (Commodity Futures & Options) and Series 34 (Forex) and take your exams to acquire in-depth knowledge of FX / Futures / Options trading.

Upon passing both exams, get registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) with Broker Junction as your sponsoring company. Note: No sponsor, no CFTC - registration!

Upon passing both exams, become a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) with Broker Junction as your sponsoring company.

Practice trading with a simulated FX / futures / options (Demo) account.

Conduct market research to prepare reports based on current market trends and latest topics.

Schedule appointments with clients for Senior Brokers/Traders and assist in daily administrative tasks.

Analyze daily charts of various futures and fx contracts and make trading forecasts based on support and resistance points.

Cost: $2750 for each student for 8 weeks.

NOTE: It takes 4 weeks and 4 hours per day of studying to prepare for Series 3 and 2 weeks to study for Series 34!

Additional Costs (not paid to Broker Junction) are:

FINRA exam registration for Series 3: $130 (paid by students to FINRA)

Study Material for Series 3: $185 (paid by students to the study material provider you googled)

NFA Membership and CFTC registrations fee: $85 (paid by students to NFA)

Fingerprints: $30 (paid by students to a fingerprinting service provider)

Anti-Money Laundering Course: $50

Ethics Course: $25

FINRA exam registration for Series 34: $100 (paid by students to FINRA)

Study Material for Series 34: $90 (paid by students to the study material provider you googled)

Exams are administered all over the USA but also in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and many other international locations. This service opens doors to banking and finance companies.

Benefits for “Licensing & Registration” participants are:

As a registered Asociate Person you are allowed to be compensated by Broker Junction on a commission per trade basis 

You can list your highly specialized qualification as a Futures/Options/FX industry professional (i.e. Trader, Broker, Asset Manager) on your CV and resume.

You will be registered with the CFTC by Broker Junctions as so called “Associated Persons” (i.e. employees) of Broker Junction, Series L.L.C.

You gain a competitive advantage to distinguish yourselves thanks to your CFTC-registration as junior traders, brokers and asset managers from other job applicants when you go to job interviews at major US. and/or international (financial) companies.


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